Sunday, October 11, 2009


Hey, guy in Phoenix, AZ, did you really think it was a good idea to call a bomb threat into our office building last week?! Are you really that mad that you can't pay your mortgage, or is it that you didn't get the pay out you wanted on your insurance?! And did you really think that leaving a voicemail on Saturday evening telling us it would happen on Sunday or Monday was the best route to go?! Oh, was calling from a totally traceable phone number another bright idea that you had?! Well, thanks a real, real, real lot for the extra 3 hours off of work! I hope that you enjoy jail a ton! Really!!

Monday, September 28, 2009

Hey Mr. DJ

Can you please hook me up with some new music? I mean, come on already, how many times is one person supposed to listen to Hannah Montana or Taylor Swift. I can not bob my head like, Yeah and move my hips like, Yeah, one more time. Seriously!! And Katy Perry, I am aware that Vegas is awesome, but I don't want hear about my yester years gone by any more, I know, I am old. Not to mention all of the horrific rappers that currently clog the airwaves. Why is it that all they can currently rap (if that is what you want to call it) about are HOOCHIES? Try an acutal rhyme and get back with me.

Saturday, August 29, 2009

Run Forrest, Run

I leave for work at 6:30 am every morning so that I can get my eight hours in and come home to spend some time with the fam. Every single morning, I drive past something that makes me giggle out loud. I can't stop, I have a new addiction.

Plodding down the road, flat footed, in what looks like brand new, size 13, New Balance running shoes, in varying styles from jeans and a T-shirt to sweats that are literally hanging off of the body is an 80-85 year old man that weighs 130 lbs. soaking wet. The first time I laid eyes on this, I started to frantically scan what was around me, was he running after his dog? Was he having a heart attack and had a burst of energy, running to get help? Was he running to help someone else? NO, he is just running! I usually catch up with him at a stop light right by the Chevron and every morning, he turns his head and smiles, with his dentures gleaming and then proceeds to gallop in front of the cars at the light and go on his merry way. I am instantly overtaken with laughter.

Run Forrest, Run!!!!!

Big Brother

Turn on the computer, type in my password and everyday single day, the same friendly reminder pops up telling me that this computer sitting in front of me at my own cubicle in the office is for Company Use Only. I GET THE PICTURE!! The company has taken the liberty to "restrict" the viewing of any good websites anyway. Facebook gone, Gmail, not happening, gossip sites, yeah right and you can't get to the Twitter website to bitch and complain about your situation either. Why does big brother feel that they need to treat us like children and control everything around us. Yes, you own us for eight to nine hours of ours lives, five days a week but, if you ask me, that is taking it to the extreme. We are adults after all. It has been so long that I have been in a big corporate environment that I guess maybe I am just not up to date. But how is it that so many people update on Facebook all day long? I know that you have jobs in offices like mine. Get back to work and, by the way, we are really behind, can you work some over time?

Saturday, August 8, 2009

Remember when

You used to toss and turn the night before the first day of school wondering if your outfit was cool enough, if your friends were going to be in the same classes as you, if one of the boys would come back from summer vacation looking extra fine and lastly if one of your teachers would end up hating you. That is oddly not how I felt the night before my first day of work. Instead, I was wondering if I had the skill set to be able to perform this new job just as well if not better than the others and if I would like it. Finally, a first day that isn't spent feeling inadequate because somebody's outfit is just a little cuter than yours. Growing up is so hard to do.

Thursday, August 6, 2009

Things I have noticed lately

Here are just a few items that have come to my attention as of late;

- I am pretty sure that Mary Murphy has gotten a new stylist, she has upped the anty from Dress Barn and moved onto Deb. She really is moving up in the world of fashion. Dare I say, next stop Wet Seal! WOOT WOOT!

- Since I have started flossing my teeth regularly again, (I know, whatever, you know that you don't do it a lot either) my mouth has a slight tinge of blood to it afterward and it tastes just like the water from my Mom's hometown, Farmersville, OH. I am sure by the name alone you can imagine that the two stop light village doesn't have the best water filtration system. I will let you decide what you think about that but I am a little concerned.

- You really do have to pull all of the weeds before you hydro seed.

- My house has never been fully clean since Juli has been gone. I know, cry me a river!

- Hell's Kitchen has kind of lost its panache. I used to love to see Gordon call some fat cow a fat cow. Ramsey, you just don't have the same effect on me anymore.

- I am having trouble watching Jon and Kate now that all hell has broken loose on their marriage. Maybe, because we are all three really bad days away from where they are? Or maybe, because I am sick of watching other people take vacations over and over again that are all paid for, maybe a little of both.

- My closet is begging me for some new clothes. I should probably get him some so that he will shut up. The nagging...

- My Z goes completely limp and starts speaking in tongues when you scratch his back. Hella Funny.

Wednesday, August 5, 2009

Back in the Saddle Again

Could it be any longer since I have even attempted to post anything. When your husband is out of work and you are working you "A" off just trying to make ends meet, the blog is kinda last on the list and we all know that the list never gets completed.

So, it is official, I am going back to an office. David has yet to find anything that "suits" him so I begrudgingly posted my resume and got a pretty dang good job out of it. It will suck to be away from the kids but I am sick of being poor and doing mortgages just plain suck anyway right now.

There is so much that I want to write about but then this blog would turn into a log of stupidness so I will stop for now.